In case you have any questions:

  • Delivery Fees

    • Due to the rising cost of gas and vehicle repairs

delivery charges will be as follows:

  • 0-10 miles $25

  • 11-20 miles $50

  • Greater than 20 miles on a case by case basis

  • Payment

    • We're happy to accept Cash, personal check or major credit cards

      • 4% processing fees will apply to all credit and debit cards processed

      • We do not require deposits at this time.

  • Delivery

    • We will set all tents and hang any lighting, however, chairs and tables are left stacked for you to arrange seating how you see fit for your event

    • B & B personnel will not enter your home for any reason including delivery or pick up of our equipment. If equipment is unable to be located or accessed at time of pick up, a $100 fee will be implemented for each return trip required.