Event Planning & Marquee Venues

Garden weddings and parties are beautiful, but they can be risky given the fickle British weather. It could be sunny one moment and rainy the next. It is always best to be prepared. Your contingency plan should include having a marquee for hire in the venue. This will give you the confidence to push through no matter the weather. Just make sure that you find one with the following qualities:

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The units should have proven reliability in the face of unpredictable conditions. They should be able to keep the guests comfortable no matter what's happening outside. They must be stable enough to handle pouring rain from the top, as well as the inevitable bumps that people will make against the walls and poles. See if you can find referrals for a good marquee. Read reviews if you can find some online. Ask your friends on social media for recommendations so that you can make the best choice. 


You should also think about the design of the marquee. Is it flexible enough for your needs? If you are blessed with sunny weather, will you be able to roll up or remove the sides to let the air circulate freely under the roof? Can you leave one side bare while the others remain closed? Are there any other features that can be changed depending on the needs of the guests? 


Of course, you will have to consider the space inside and how this can be used. What is the capacity of the marquees? How many guests are you expecting to arrive? How is the problem going to proceed and what is the layout that you planned? If part of the area will be used as a dance floor, then you should think about the standing capacity. If part of it will be used as a formal dining area, then you should think of the seating capacity according to the layout.


You can't have a party with just the tent. You will have to decorate it, get some furniture in, and add a few things to make the place more appealing. All of these can be provided by the marquee company. Ask about the accessories that they have available, as well as their rates. See the kinds of options that you have for each. Examples include the flooring, the tables, the chairs, the lighting, the heating, the air conditioning, the linings, and even the toilets.